Jigs, Reels&Hornpipes



1. Sir Roger de Coverly (Slip Jig)

2. Colledge Hornpipe

3. The Oyster Girl (Jig)

4.The fairy dance (Reel)

5. The Steam Boat (Reel)

6. Parson´s Farewell (Country dance)



7. Mrs McLeod`s Reel

8. Staten Island (Reel)

9. The flower of the Quern (Slow Air)

10. De`il among the Tailors (Reel)



11. The Blackthorn Stick (Jig)

12. Cooneys Reel

13. Paddy on the Railroad (Reel)

14. Napoleon Crossing the Alps (Hornpipes)

15. The Temparance (Reel)